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You are an artist. A professional. You choose your tools with care. That is why you choose Spirit. From transfer papers to blue carriers to transfer cream, we manufacture high quality tattooing products for artists worldwide. There is a reason why we’re the most asked for name in tattooing. Spirit, since 1946. Behind every great tattoo.


We continue to make the best-selling, highest quality tattooing transfer paper according to the strictest manufacturing standards. Our paper is proudly union made in the United States, and inspected to ensure that it meets, or exceeds, our expectations. And, four generations after Earl started it, Colonial is still family owned so we will never have to compromise our mission to produce the best tattooing papers. But we feel excellence isn't enough. This is why Colonial president Jeff Bradley and CFO Jeanette Gross have decided to continue to innovate. Colonial is testing brand new products to exceed the needs of the tattooing industry. We are developing new ways to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. And we are manufacturing products which take the guesswork out of transferring.


Jeff Bradley

President & CEO

Reprofax. ReproFX. Spirit. Colonial Converting. We use a lot of names, all of them in honor of over a half of a century of innovative products.We started out in 1946 in Illinois, when Earl Bradley founded Colonial Converting Company. We manufactured office supply products like paper and typewriter ribbons. But it wasn't until the 1960s that the company found its calling- transfer paper.Transfer paper was used around the world prior to computers as a cheap way of replicating documents. There were two steps to the analog transfer. The first was the "thermal transfer," the second the "spirit transfer." The "thermal transfer" copied the original document onto a master unit using a thermal copying machine- usually a 3M Thermofax. The "spirit transfer" used ethanol spirits and a machine to transfer the dye on the master unit onto the copies. Manufacturing under the Reprofax brand name, Colonial revolutionized the analog printing industry by producing better product faster than anyone else. Our transfer paper, sold in the classic box with our iconic S logo and with the word "Spirit" across the top, quickly became the standard against which all other transfer paper was judged. Some things never change.With the advent of inexpensive computers, analog document replication died. But much to our surprise, our S boxes kept selling. Tattooers around the world found that the same product properties that made us a leader in analog document replication- clear transfers, low cost, and ease of use- were ideal for the tattooing world. So we kept on manufacturing. And we kept some names. Reprofax became ReproFx, in honor of our past. "Spirit" and our iconic purple "S" is still on every one of our boxes. And Colonial Converting Company still proudly sells transfer papers made here, in the United States. Earl would be proud.


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